Industrial Automation Controls

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We provide services for:
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Elelctrical Installations
LabVIEW Software Development
Machine Automation
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Process Control
Wireless Access Control


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Wireless Building Automation Wireless HVAC Wireless Power Monitoring

Latest News

Lift with Fing 2013

The 5th edition of Lift with Fing will be taking place in France, Marseille October 15-16. This even will gather those who envision improving digital technology and manufacturing methods and...

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Wireless Card Access

This system consists of a set of devices that are responsible for allowing and/or restricting access to various areas. In addition, this system retains information on dates, times, and users...

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Single Boards wiPAC (Wireless Automation…

IA Control has developed a wireless solution for process and building automation that required flexibility, high performance and reliability. IA Controls single boards (wiPAC) feature fast respond and xBee wireless...

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Wireless Lighting System

This intelligent system consists of a group of wireless panels, operating lights efficiently and reducing energy cost. There are many ways to save energy in your building; from occupancy and...

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Lit Motors' C-1

Lit Motors' C-1 electric motorcycle will stand up for itself Take a look at this new concept of motorcycle; drive safely while you are being protected from weather and the danger...

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Introducing Google Robotic Car

Seems like technology is moving faster and faster. If you ever dreamed of having a card that can drive it self, maybe your dreams are not that far away:

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131 Main St. Suite 150, Hackensack, NJ 07601
Phone: 201.883.0853